NOTE: You can substitute 1/2 cup coconut flour in place of almond flour. If you have anyone in the family who is diabetic, it can be a real challenge to find baked goods that won’t cause them problems, and that’s where these great cookies come in handy! Transfer the cake batter into the lined cake pan. We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. This low carb recipe is easy to follow and the cakes don’t take long to make, so this would be great for busy people. For a triple layer cake, triple the ingredients. Although many keto cakes call for coconut flour, the flour doesn’t actually yield a coconut flavor at all. It is best to leave these cookies to cool completely before handling as they can be very crumbly but will firm up once cold. More Keto Muffins and Breakfast Cakes from Spinach Tiger. Ingredients: coconut flour, extra virgin coconut oil solid, monk fruit sugar (omit) or erythritol, vanilla extract, cashew butter, stevia chocolate, pumpkin seeds, unsweetened desiccated coconut. Ginger cookies are a family favorite in our house and we always have some at Christmas time when friends and family come over. Chewy Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies (Contains Dairy), Tres Leches Keto Cake for my B-day! Ingredients: eggs, swerve, vanilla extract, coconut flour, butter, creme fraiche, coconut cream, organic heavy whipping cream. Coconut Flour – You can sub almond flour , but you’ll need four times as much. Made with low carb ingredients and topped with a coconut frosting, this show stopping keto cake is sure to impress! If you live in a hotter climate and want to make sure the cream topping doesn’t collapse, you can add a half teaspoon of gelatine. If you don’t have cacao nibs you can use chopped 90% chocolate or chocolate chips but this will increase the sugar. They have a chewy texture with the flavor of chocolate and coconut which are fantastic partners but are also healthy for the keto diet as they are very low in carbohydrates and contain no gluten or grains. Add the butter, vanilla extract and eggs into a large mixing bowl and combine using a hand mixer. These are the ingredients I chose to use in the recipe: Coconut flour – it’s one of the lowest carb flour and the best to add a strong coconut … To amp up the coconut flavor, I layered it with a keto coconut frosting and topped it all off with shredded coconut flakes! Ingredients: coconut flour, baking soda, unrefined salt, dried rosemary, dried granulated garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, gelatin, water, apple cider vinegar. With their light and golden color, these great cupcakes would look great served at a coffee morning or even a kid’s party. Ingredients: coconut flour, almond flour, baking soda, eggs, stevia extract, coconut oil, cinnamon, almond milk, vanilla extract. If you are doing keto and want a sweet treat, try this Keto mug cake coconut flour recipe. My name is Arman Liew, and I’m stoked to have you here! Keto Coconut Flour Waffles – Just 5 minutes to prep + 5 minutes to cook this nut-free low carb breakfast option is super fluffy. First, make the base; In a mixing bowl, combine coconut flour, melted butter, erythrtiol, and vanilla. Once it is frosted, it will look incredible. If you are a fan of shortbread you will love these cookies as they have the same rich, buttery flavor and crumbly texture but they have no sugar, low carbs and are nut free and vegan. If you enjoyed this recipe and would like to publish it on your own website, please re-write it, in your own words and link back to my site and recipe page. Keto White Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars. This took me a few (or three) tries to get right to be honest. In a separate bowl, add your egg whites and cream of tartar and beat together, … Ingredients: coconut flour, Celtic sea salt, baking soda, eggs, swerve, coconut extract, coconut oil, vanilla, almond extract. Although coconut is great for adding a tropical note to recipes, it doesn’t have to be just flavors that remind you of the Caribbean islands. You can find her on Facebook or LinkedIn. A coconut flour pound cake that is 100% keto friendly! Required fields are marked *. The blondies in this great keto recipe are low carb and nut free and have a light and fluffy texture and a fabulous vanilla flavor. When it comes to keto cake recipes, my favorites include a birthday cake, flourless chocolate cake, and this low carb coconut cake. The recipes would remain 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons coconut flour. The ingredients make an 8-inch cake. Slightly moist and extremely fluffy, this low carb coconut cake is simple to make and delicious to eat. It's super healthy and it works really well in cakes and cake-like desserts. This healthy coconut flour blueberry cake in a mug is perfect for … The cookies can be decorated with chocolate chips or sprinkled with cinnamon, but I actually prefer these plain served with a nice cup of coffee! Read my disclosure and copyright policy. Print Pin Rate. Easy Keto Coconut Flour German Chocolate Cake. We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean. No fancy gadgets or kitchen equipment needed! keto specialty ingredients used in this coconut flour cake keto recipe: Here is a list of the Keto Speciality Ingredients that I used to make this delicious mouth-watering keto quick bread recipe. 1) If you replace the coconut extract with vanilla, will it still taste overwhelmingly like coconut? Cinnamon is such a good spice to use in baked goods as it lifts the flavor so well and gives them the taste of the holidays. They have a light but moist texture that bites just like a good sponge cake, and you have the option to decorate them however you like. Keto Birthday Cake If you’d like plain and simple vanilla or cream cheese frosting, simply leave it as it is. The beaten egg whites make this coconut flour cake light and fluffy while the egg yolks and coconut oil make it moist and rich. With only five ingredients, these amazing bites are so easy to make, but they taste rich and decadent and would be great for dessert at a celebration dinner. So first up is this classic yellow cake recipe that I am considering for munchkin’s birthday. Your email address will not be published. Copyright 2020 - NBIP LLC; Operated by Nourishing Brands LLC | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, Terms, & Conditions | Contact Copying and/or pasting full recipes and pictures to social media or personal blogs is strictly prohibited. If you don’t want to build up the layers you can simply place the mixture in a larger dish and cook it in one layer. Add the dry ingredients into the sweetener and oil mixture, until combined. Ingredients: almond meal, coconut flour, coconut flakes, egg, ghee, stevia, vanilla extract, ginger powder, baking soda. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This keto coconut cake is moist, fluffy and topped with a sugar free coconut frosting! Chocolate Keto Mug Cake In a microwave safe coffee mug, melt the butter in the microwave for 10 seconds. This recipe only takes fifteen minutes from start to finish, so these would be good to make if people pop round unexpectedly. Coconut flour can be tricky to work with so follow the recipe exactly! Gently fold through your egg whites until completely combined. You can either top these with coconut or sprinkle with a little cinnamon to give a warming spice taste. Beat again to combine, about 20 seconds. Seek the advice of a medical professional for proper application of ANY material on this site to your specific situation. You may be able to taste a slight coconut flavor. When you cut these, you will reveal the swirly chocolate and cream layers which make these look amazing! Allow the cake to cool completely, before frosting it. The ginger and pumpkin pie spice give these cookies such a great flavor and they can be cut into any shapes you like. These keto sweets are melt-in-the-mouth, and taste amazing! Topped with the fluffy chocolate frosting, these would make a lovely gift for a friend, but for an everyday treat these taste great without frosting. Made in just one bowl and using simple ingredients, this coconut cake recipe is a keeper! Put all your ingredients in a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, add your egg whites and cream of tartar and beat together, until still peaks form and set aside. Because the frosting adds to the carbs it might be a good idea to serve this plain and only use the frosting for special occasions. Keto coconut cake ingredients This low-carb coconut cake is dairy-free, made entirely with coconut products to provide the most intense coconut flavor. The flavor of cinnamon is rich and delicious and this would be perfect for Christmas time. Add the coconut flour or almond flour, sweetener, cocoa powder, baking … This keto coffee cake recipe makes sure the cake comes out as moist and dense as the coffee cake you remember from the bakery in the old neighborhood. October 30, 2019; Keto Desserts, Keto Diet, Keto Recipes, Keto Snacks; 0 comment; Super tasty and juicy keto blueberry mug cake ready in just minutes. For a vegan coconut cake, add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut extract to this cake, and omit the vanilla extract. Photo Credit: Vivica from The Nourished Caveman. KETO KENTUCKY BUTTER CAKE A southeastern American treat - made KETO. Louise has considerable research experience but enjoys creating products and articles that help move people just a little bit closer toward a healthy life they love. This fabulous keto dessert is a mixture of brownie and cheesecake and has a luxuriously rich texture that will satisfy any sweet cravings. Prep Time: 5 minutes. Nowadays nut allergies seem to be recognized more and more and many schools have banned nutty snacks, so recipes like this nut-free cookie one are perfect as they let you bake without any worries and these cookies can be a good addition to a kid’s lunchbox. Remove it from the oven when a skewer comes out clean. Ingredients: coconut flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, Celtic sea salt, Swerve, eggs, pure coffee extract, coconut milk, water, coconut oil. It means that coconut flour is highly liquid-absorbent and you must be very precise when measuring it. They are lovely and sweet with a crumbly texture and are gluten-free and make the perfect after-school treat to keep the little ones going. Ingredients: cream cheese, heavy cream, swerve confectioners, butter, Sukrin: 1, vanilla extract, LorAnn lemon oil, lemon zest, Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, lemon juice. These keto cookies have a shortbread look to them and taste wonderfully crumbly and delicious and the ginger gives them a flavor boost. There is something really appealing about homemade cookies – they always taste better than store-bought ones! Like traditional cake donuts, these ones have a denser texture but are full of flavor and make the perfect low carb treat to enjoy either as they are or with a topping of your choice. Remove from the oven and allow the cake to cool completely, before frosting. Bake the cake for 20-25 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean. While some of the ingredients include dairy products, you can opt for a dairy-free option by including coconut oil or grass-fed butter. On another note, coconut flour brands can vary in texture. Keto Chocolate Cake, Tender and Fluffy | Healthy Recipes Blog These donuts are grain free but taste just as good as regular ones. This post may contain affiliate links. To make your frosting, prepare the vanilla frosting as directed, but add the coconut extract and shredded coconut flakes. Keto mug cake coconut flour. If you have a problem with beef gelatine you can simply use regular types to give exactly the same texture. Ingredients: coconut oil, coconut butter, Natvia, coconut flour, baking powder, Vanilla Essence, eggs, unsweetened coconut. 2 tablespoons coconut flour; 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder; 2 tablespoons Swerve confectioners; ¼ teaspoon baking powder; 2 large eggs; 2 tablespoons melted … There is something magical about a light and fluffy cake that has a subtle coconut flavor. 2) Is it EGGY? Ingredients: coconut flour, butter, powdered erythritol/swerve confectioners, egg, coconut milk, heavy whipping cream, liquid stevia, vanilla extract, unsweetened coconut flakes. It is simple to follow and the brownies are a firm favorite in our house. Do not overbake the cake. I love plain cake and this recipe seems simple enough. These would make a lovely dish to serve at a celebration, but they would make a great dessert after a main meal as the lemon acts as a palate cleanser and the light and fluffy texture will not be too filling. This delicious chocolate sponge cake with its rich mocha frosting would easily go down well as a birthday cake, or served to friends with a cup of coffee as a special treat. You can have your cake and eat it too! These wonderful little truffles are packed with warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, making them perfect to serve at Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Halloween. For example, the strawberry frosting would look lovely on heart shapes for Valentine’s! When folding in your egg whites, it will start to deflate. This is a nut and gluten-free recipe that is suitable for both the paleo and keto diets. We will be soon baking in a commercial kitchen. This coconut flour cake recipe is versatile and can be made with honey to make it paleo or with sugar-free sweeteners … 3. In a medium bowl, using a hand w Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. Why not serve these next time someone has a birthday party at home! Ingredients: coconut flour, swerve, baking powder, baking soda, lemon zest, eggs, unsweetened almond milk, butter, lemon juice, cream cheese, lemon extract, coconut cream. Gather all of the ingredients you will be using to make this keto friendly cheesecake. Try this amazing recipe for Keto Coconut Pecan Cake. If you find these a bit too sweet just cut down the amount of stevia. This list of coconut flour desserts is perfect for those who want to cut out traditional flours from their diet but still love baked goods like pies, cupcakes, and blondies. It is light yet indulgent and would satisfy the craving of any chocoholic! In a microwave-safe mug place the egg, heavy cream, sweetener, peanut butter and vanilla extract … They are amazing served warm, but tend to crisp up a bit once they have cooled. Line an 8-inch cake pan with parchment paper and set aside. These blondies make a great dessert for a dinner party or a treat for during the holidays. She attended Columbia University for her JD and practiced law at Debevoise & Plimpton before co-founding Louise's Foods, Paleo Living Magazine, Nourishing Brands, & CoBionic. If you have any left over, you are best to keep them in the fridge as they soften quite easily at room temperature. These would make a lovely gift for a friend or a delicious treat for a special day and they can be frozen for up to one month so you can make them in advance. This is also a great recipe to get the kids to help you make as they can crumble up the sponge for you – just remember to clean hands first! The recipe is for a single layer cake. This recipe would be perfect for a birthday or Christening cake and would make a very impressive gift for a hostess. Course: Dessert. 3 grams net carbs per slice. Louise holds a Bachelors and Masters in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University (UK). In this delicious cake recipe, the word ‘silk’ refers to the frosting which is smooth and so decadent in flavor and texture that it makes this a winner! Coconut flour is simply dried coconut meat and can be a delicious alternative to other wheat and other grain-based flours. Because it adds a note of coconut taste to recipes, this ingredient is perfect for desserts- whether you’re making a classic coconut cream pie or a more savory breakfast protein cookie! These pretty raspberry fingers make the ideal addition to a lunchbox for school as they are completely nut and gluten-free, making them safe for kids with nut allergies. Coconut Flour for Keto Gooey Butter Cake. If your dough ends up too firm, loosen the doug with 1 tbsp nut milk of your choice. Home » Desserts » Muffins and Cakes » Coconut Cake. Ingredients: sugar-free Dark Chocolate, unsalted butter, natvia, coconut flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, eggs, cream cheese, vanilla extract. In addition, no statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and any product mentioned or described on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Ingredients: coconut flour, unsalted butter, coconut oil, pure maple syrup, eggs, vanilla extract, salt, ground cinnamon, and granulated sugar. Soft Batch Keto Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (Chocolate Cookies Made With Coconut flour!) Yields 2 servings of Coconut Flour Chocolate Keto Mug Cake. Press the raspberries into the mixture at the end as this will stop them ‘bleeding’ into the mixture. My secret tips and tricks to DELICIOUS healthy desserts that DON'T taste healthy! More Cookies To Bake Frost the cake. Photo Credit: Stacey from Beauty and the Foodie. If you purchase anything through a link on this website, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way. Ingredients: almond butter, coconut oil, cacao powder, coconut flour, stevia, whole almonds. A few questions: Information on this site is NOT intended to serve as a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or advice from a qualified, licensed medical professional. We’ve also included some surprising recipes that feature coconut flour- such as gingerbread cookies, mug cakes, and even a lusciously silky French chocolate cake! Ingredients: unsweetened coconut flakes, cocoa or cacao powder, erythritol, vanilla extract, egg whites. It's a great option not only for those eating Keto or low-carb, but also for those who have a nut allergy to almonds, because it uses coconut flour instead of almond flour… I just love lemon cake and was delighted with the way these delicious sugar-free cupcakes taste, even without the creamy frosting! They have a rich texture like any good truffles but are grain and gluten free. These cupcakes taste amazing as they are but you also have instructions for three different frostings, so you can adapt these to suit any occasion. The first cake I made was flat, … Ingredients: coconut flour, baking powder, salt, butter, coconut oil, low carb sweetener, eggs, almond milk, vanilla extract. Any diet, health, or nutritional program you undertake should be discussed with your doctor or other licensed medical professional. Ingredients: coconut flour, unsalted butter, coconut oil, pure maple syrup, eggs, vanilla extract, salt, ground cinnamon, and granulated sugar. If you like your cookies firmer then you can store these in the fridge or freezer. This keto recipe does use dairy so it should be used as a treat! (Contains Dairy), Keto Coconut Flour Cupcakes (Contains Dairy), Keto Brownies Recipe – Delicious Choc Swirls (Contains Dairy), Almond Butter Pumpkin Pie Truffles (Contains Dairy), Lemon Cream Cake Pops Low Carb (Contains Dairy), Low Carb Coconut Cream Pie (Contains Dairy), Sugar-free Lemon Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (Contains Dairy). With its layers of sponge and chocolate filling, this cake is gluten free and low carb and would be a great cake for any special day. In a separate bowl, whisk together your coconut oil, egg yolks, and granulated sweetener until combined. Ingredients: coconut flour, butter, erythritol, baking powder, vanilla extract, coconut cream, cream cheese, eggs. These cookies are low in carbs but higher in healthy fats, making them great for breakfast as they will fill you up and keep you going till lunch. Keto doesn’t have to be without indulgences. In addition, no statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and any product mentioned or described on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Tres Leches cake is a sponge that is soaked in creamy sauce and left to absorb the liquid, hence the reason for poking holes in the top of the sponge. In another mixing bowl, add your coconut oil, sweetener, and egg yolks and whisk together, until combined and glossy. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Generously grease the bottom and sides of an 8-inch nonstick round cake pan with unsalted butter. The Best Darn Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies You’ll Ever Taste Keto Funfetti Cake Batter Sugar Cookie Bars Soft And Chewy Keto Peanut Butter Cookies (Low Carb And Sugar Free!) It works very well in this keto gooey butter cake recipe but there are a few tricks to learning how to bake with it. It has a crunchy, crumbly base which offsets the creaminess really well and this would be an impressive dessert to serve next time you have guests over for dinner. Ingredients: pumpkin puree, almond butter, cream cheese, cinnamon, nutmeg, grated ginger, coconut flour, stevia, cacao butter, vanilla bean pod. No Bake Chocolate Coconut Bars- 4 Ingredients! This is a nut and gluten-free recipe that is suitable for both the paleo and keto diets. Then, … The Big Man’s World ® Arman Liew owns the copyright on all images and text and does not allow for its original recipes, pictures and content to be reproduced anywhere other than this site unless authorization is given. Keto Gluten Free Chocolate Cake | Coconut Flour Recipe; This Keto Gluten Free Chocolate Cake is so moist and delicious, you will forget you're cutting out sugar. The facts presented are offered as information only - not medical advice - and in no way should anyone infer that we or anyone appearing in any content on this website are practicing medicine. This one has the flavor of strawberry and has a lovely spongy texture and you can choose whether or not to use the frosting. The texture is light and fluffy, but with a bit of a crunch, and they definitely taste best warm from the oven. The cake will continue to cook in the cake pan while it is cooling down. Use a spatula to … As I am quite a lazy baker, I really love this one bowl recipe! If you purchase anything through a link on this website, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way. Low Carb Keto Blueberry Mug Cake. Next, add your dry ingredients and coconut extract and mix until combined. NOTICE: The information contained or presented on this website is for educational purposes only. Because these brownies are quite filling, try to cut them into smaller pieces than you might do normally and this will help you to not overeat them! Ingredients: coconut flour, baking powder, salt, xylitol, butter or coconut oil, eggs, vanilla, milk, sparkling water. The best news? This keto coconut cake is moist, fluffy, and full of coconut flavor! Home » Keto Recipes » Ketogenic Dessert Recipes » 28 Creative Keto Desserts Made With Coconut Flour. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Not only that, but they taste so good! Almond Flour Pancakes – If you like almond flour coffee cake, you’ll like almond flour … Cake pops are one of my favorite things to serve at a kid’s party, so I was so pleased to find this delicious keto recipe for lemon cake ones. Line an 8-inch cake pan with parchment paper and set aside. Or download the entire list by clicking on the green button below. Ingredients: 100% cacao unsweetened chocolate 4-ounce bar, coconut oil, coconut sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, sea salt, espresso powder, coconut flour. I’ve been meaning to make a keto version for quite some time. With only a couple of minutes cooking time, mug cakes can be the ideal low carb treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. While I love the classic cake flavors, coconut cake is one of my all time favorites. If you like you can also mix some chocolate chips into the batter before cooking, but this will increase the carbs. If you find coating the truffles are a bit difficult, you might find it easier to stick a cocktail stick into each one and then dip them. This recipe is gluten and dairy free and can be enjoyed by diabetics as the erythritol will not affect blood sugar. For a light and airy cake that holds up to being cut into slices, I’ve found that mixing the two flours work best. For special occasions, you can dress these up with a frosting of our choice. If you’d like to do a layer cake, double the ingredients. I have tried these with a lemon frosting sprinkled with toasted coconut shreds and it was delicious! They can either be made in a donut tin or a muffin tin to give the same texture and flavor. Ingredients: coconut flour, butter, egg, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, erythritol, beef gelatin powder, baking powder, vanilla extract, Lily’s chocolate chips. Thanks for stopping by The Big Man’s World ®. C0mbine your coconut flour, baking soda, and salt together in a small bowl and set aside. I don’t recommend you substitute the eggs out of this with an egg substitute. Transfer your cake batter into an 8-inch cake pan. How to make keto coconut flour cookies: 1. These must be about the most adaptable cookies ever as they are egg, grain and dairy-free and suitable for just about every diet plan there is!