The local climate, with a long rainy season, isvery conductive for the consumption of hot non-alcoholicbeverages. In celebration of the Philippine Coffee Month, the Philippine Coffee Board organized this free webinar to the public providing information about the Philippine coffee industry and how to start a coffee shop business with speakers: Pacita "Chit" Juan, Manny Torrejon, and Dr. Alejandro Mojica. There is now a new approach to appreciating coffee and highlighting the experience of drinkers. According to Chit Juan, president of Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI), the third wave coffee is upon us. She also sits in several non-profit boards including the Haribon Foundation, Philippine Coffee Board Inc., Management Association of the Philippines, and Peace and Equity Holdings Inc. As … The Convention Center is immediately adjacent and the San Juan Marina is easily accessible as well. Pages are … Their Philippine-origin beans range from a plethora of coffee tasting notes: From sweet and earthy, to fruity and spicy. Chit Juan is a social entrepreneur who is a staunch eco-warrior and a coffee expert. Social entrepreneur, Green advocate, Coffee Advocate since 1980 Follow Chit Juan on Twitter @chitjuan Chit is a pillar of the slow-food movement in Asia, building connections between producers and consumers, and championing organic farming and the preservation of heritage foods. COFFEE CONSUMPTION. The goal of the Coffee Board is to develop and promote the Philippine coffee industry through technical assistance and credit programs for coffee farms; and through marketing and promotions of coffee for domestic and export markets. This article reflects the personal opinion of the author and does not reflect the official stand of the Management Association of the Philippines or the MAP. Further, coffee has really become apart of the lifestyle in the Philippines. She also is President of the Women’s Business Council of the Philippines and President of the Philippine Coffee Board … PCBI News, CQI, Chit Juan with Michael Beck, July2016. The inaugural Coffee Science Foundation board includes Giuliano and Tellie along with with current SCA Board of Directors members Juan-Luis Barrios, Vera Espíndola Rafael and Dr. Frank Neuhausen. Oct 30, 2013 - Ed Luardo (center) with Philippine Coffee Board co-chairs Pacita U. Juan and Nicholas A. Matti. WHY HER? Chit Juan is a founder and owner of ECHOStore sustainable lifestyle, ECHOmarket sustainable farms and ECHOcafe in Serendra, Podium, Centris QC mall, Davao and Cebu City. After 15 years since setting up Figaro Coffee Co. and making her mark in the Philippine coffee industry, Pacita "Chit" Juan stepped down as the chief executive officer last June 2008. Home About Us Philippine Coffee Latest News Career Opportunities Contact Us Philippine Coffee Network Sitemap PCN Members Philippine Coffee Network Technical Resource Member Directory. Who would’ve thought that something so right out of the jungle would be found in a tony shopping center frequented by Manila’s elite and foreigners? What a great way to start our learning journey for 2013! In the 1980s, her entrepreneurial spirit paired with her love of music made her set up Tavern on the Square, a music lounge in Greenbelt, with a few of her friends. It was once a major industry in the Philippines, which 200 years ago was the fourth largest coffee producing nation. I emailed her: My 30 year old daughter, who is based in Germany is interested in coffee farming Its owner, Rosario Juan, is a coffee aficionado and a social media strategist whose long-time dream was to open a café. She is the President of the Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. and runs a … About Us. The attention to detail found in the country’s coffee shops and their championing of independent roasters makes it a coffee-lover’s dream. The President of the Philippine Coffee Board, Pacita Juan, tells me, “There was a death of supply. Philippine Arabicas will be available for sampling and for sale in green beans and roasted samples. She’s also president and cochair of the Philippine Coffee Board and the brains behind EchoStore, a … Founder of Figaro Coffee Company in 1993 Founder of Binalot Fiesta Foods Inc in 1996 Founder of ECHOstore sustainable lifestyle in 2008 Trustee, Society for Sustainable Tourism and Development, Inc.(SSTDI) Trustee, Women's Business Council of the Philippines Co-chair and President, Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. Apart from selling ready-to-drink espresso beverages, this homegrown name is also known for their locally-sourced beans, which they sell per bag at their stores. About Us. She also did some work for the Philippine Coffee Board Inc., of which her relative was an executive member. Since the pandemic, Ros helped launch and operate Frontline Feeders Philippines and grow the “Coffee Home Brewers” community, now 17,000 members strong. But after Jan. 12 he does not know if his trees will continue to fruit as leaves have fallen. Slow Food Manila councilor for Southeast Asia Pacita “Chit” Juan says, in the Philippines, we traditionally use different ingredients for flavoring that varies per region; many local crops that are used as souring agents like kamias, sampaloc, and bayabas in Luzon, batuan (Garcinia binucao) in Visayas, and tabon-tabon (Atuna racemosa) in Mindanao. Social entrepreneur, Green advocate, Coffee Advocate since 1980 Follow Chit Juan on Twitter @chitjuan 1/25/09 11:57:48 PM. Coffee production in the Philippines began as early as 1740 when the Spanish introduced coffee in the islands. Perhaps the most accessible among these brands is Bo's Coffee. She is the president and co-chair of the Philippine Coffee Board Inc. Chit received many awards, including Asia Pacific CSR Council’s CEO of the Yearin 2018, Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Yearin 2011 for social enterprise, Social Entrepreneur of the Yearby GO Negosyo, and the … She goes to coffee-growing regions in search of great coffee and to encourage farmers not to give up their crop in an effort of putting the Philippines back on the coffee map of the world. Production picked up again in the middle of the twentieth century, with demand returning from the popularity of instant coffee. Pacita “Chit” U. Juan is the President of the Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. and runs a social enterprise called ECHOstore. Established in 1997, at the initiative of the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry, WomenBizPH is currently Chair of the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (AWEN), an International partner of the Global Summit of Women (GSW), and the Lead Convenor/Chairperson of the Philippine Women’s Economic Network (PhilWEN). Chit U. Juan is known as a traveller and the author of four books on coffee - Kape (2002), BARAKO (2005), Barista Manual (2012), and CACAO (2013) - but what she really has done is venture into business for everything she loves. Then my next experiment was in Lucban, Quezon where we planted row upon row of Robusta… Read More, This January, the Philippine Coffee Board Inc.(PCBI) with the cooperation of Peace and Equity Foundation and Landbank of the Philippines will trek to Benguet to kick off its 2015 PICK RED campaign. Since people are staying at home, obviously, the demand for coffee delivery has increased. Designed to simply show farmers the importance of waiting for coffee fruits to ripen for better coffee quality (and price), PICK RED is… Read More Commune was borne out of love for coffee and conversations. The first pilot seminar was conducted by the Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) directors Manny Torrejon and Chit Juan in Tabuk City, Kalinga last June 20-22. In the web series hosted by the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement, Pacita Juan, co-chair and president of the Philippine Coffee Board Inc., shared her knowledge of coffee and how it was associated with the country.According to her timeline, the Philippines was first introduced to coffee in 1740, thanks to a Spanish Franciscan monk who brought it to Lipa, Batangas. After 15 years since setting up Figaro Coffee Co. and making her mark in the Philippine coffee industry, Pacita "Chit" Juan stepped down as the chief executive officer last June 2008.