Reservations There are few to none places to pitch a tent, but bivying is possible. last 1/2 mile to Bearpaw is a 600' uphill. When approaching Bearpaw Meadow the signs can be a bit confusing. Details and comments on the map are still accurate. Long before backpacking became a sport, people like Joseph Le Conte, Theodore Solomons, and Norman Clyde … Kind of a bad idea because the sandal scraped my skin. You may travel for miles between seeing a PCT symbol. There are nice granite slabs around here that are just asking you to sit down and take a break. Do not seek shelter here during a storm. High Sierra Trail Kern River river crossing Save One of several places where the High Sierra Trail crosses the Kern River. The general area of the proposed museum has been used historically for many functions. Across from you are the Kaweahs, one of the many sub-ranges in the Sierra. It is a good idea to take it easy and pay attention to your body. Laguna. It was an easy and very doable 6~ish miles for the first day. This trailhead is an optional starting point for the High Sierra Trail. It descends into Big Arroyo, then climbs up to the Chagoopa Plateau, and drops down again into the Kern River Canyon. major drainage South of the Kings and West of the Kern. There are 13 natural hot springs in the ground all a short hike from Mono Hot Springs Resort. Each paragraph below roughly corresponds to a day on the trail, although there are many ways to break up the hike, and day hikes are also possible. It's now only 8.6 miles to the summit of Mount Whitney! There is a hole that is packed with little brook trout so if you've brought a fishing pole along it's worth a few casts. Back at the Junction, pick up your pack and climb the final small stretch to Trail Crest, then descend the famous 97 switchbacks. Unbridged creek crossings are the greatest hazards in the early-season. Of course there is a better view from Ppps- I miss real food. Stretching 200 miles through the Sierra Nevada, most of the High Route is off-trail, posing challenges both physical and mental as you attempt to navigate dangerous, unmarked terrain. Although on paper this next stretch looks easy since it is all descent, it is very hot, dry, and exposed. Precipice Lake was made famous by Ansel Adams and presents amazing photography opportunities - the lake has a different look and color every hour of the day. Lighted crosswalks are a common traffic safety measure for at-grade mid-block and parallel path trail crossings. Switched out to Teva at the main river crossing and kept it on until Moraine Lake. In August, a large variety of wildflowers bloom through here. The High Sierra Trail descends from Kaweah Gap into Big Arroyo. sides. Here is an official ov… It's a bit discouraging to lose this elevation while staring at the big climb ahead, but the scenery has now opened up and towering rocks and deep canyons are a nice distraction from those thoughts. Most people actually take the Moraine Lake fork since the lake is a nice destination for camping. Snow lingers here well into August and you may hear the 'whump' of pieces falling off the snow field and into the lake. I read the reports of the few PCT thru hikers © Copyright 1998-2000 Rob Piute Pass. A lady who happened to be an ER doctor that’s a part of the group of 8 helped me tend to the blisters. As you descend into Big Arroyo you will see some opportunities to camp and refill your water, but this is the first big creek crossing where you will likely be able to reliably find water later in the season, and you'll probably get your feet wet earlier in the season. Welcome to the top! For more about this particular trail, check out this link: North Fork of Big Pine Creek. The trail is generally well marked to the standard that it’s supposed to be signed to. If you are coming in from Wolverton, this is where the trail meets the official High Sierra Trail. Also- I don’t think this is accurate in terms of elevation gain. The highest point in the lower 48 states, Mount Whitney rises to 14,505 feet, and is one a dozen 14ers in the High Sierra. Then it hailed for a good hour!!! The trail climbs along a steep ridge. the view of the Valley. Many people use this spot as a layover day. High Sierra Trail: Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal is a 72 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Stony Creek Village, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The summit is another 1000 feet up in about two miles. Hiking the High Sierra Trail. Moraine Lake is a nice destination for camping and offers a bear box, lots of space to spread out, and a nice temperature for swimming. Cart. A longer bridge span with abutments set back from the water channel utilizing wing walls would avoid scouring and erosion. At the High Sierra Camp, the main building has a wonderful front porch from which you can view the Great Western Divide. Then then descend into BAM was just as bad for mosquitoes. 6. Fill all your water bottles here before departing. The California hot springs are reached by traveling over Kaiser Pass at 9300 ft. with picturesque views of the San Joaquin river basin and 12000 ft. peaks above Edison and Florence lakes. You can also purchase a park specific annual pass for $70. High Sierra Trail Kern River river crossing Save One of several places where the High Sierra Trail crosses the Kern River. At Whitney Portal your senses will be assaulted: noise, crowds, cars, screaming kids, barking dogs, frying burgers, cold beer. Mono Hot Springs California natural hot springs are located between Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Park. Hiked this with my sister in 4 days 7 hours! 12 years ago before the fire. A focus on the HYOH and LNT … Absolutely breathtaking. View, a point where we can see all the way up the valley to This trip brought me to the Southern Sierra in the month of June. Got to mehren creek and camped at designated campsite above the trail and close to the creek Many people choose to drop their heavy packs here and continue to the summit with only a camera and water. From Mount Whitney to the road is an 11mile trail It’s failed me in the past & stayed failed again. and flush toilets 11 1/2 miles down the High Sierra Trail. I climb 5/28 - Many scattered snow fields above Hamilton on approach to Gap, possibly avoidable. High Sierra Trail Kern River river crossing. If you started off the day at 9-Mile Creek or Buck Creek, you've climbed about 2000 feet already. Traversing this section of trail many times gave me the confidence to tackle river crossings that would have otherwise given pause. The High Sierra Trail continues to the right with a sign informing you of the short 14.8 miles left until Mount Whitney. The trail parallels the Kern River, climbing gradually through the Canyon. To the right, the trail will take you past Moraine Lake. know, Bearpaw High Sierra Camp provides food, tent cabins, showers Some mosquitoes at Junction Meadow, but not too crazy. Love them. There is no camping at the hot spring, but a few hundred feet down the trail you'll find campsites and bear boxes. 14 miles 7.8 miles High Sierra Loop Hiking Information All travel times given are dependent on fitness level! Divide that run from Triple Divide Peak where the drainage of Other Streams were torrents and rivers impassible. Permits & Bus to TH info - The proposed location for the new High Sierra Crossing Museum is situated near the existing Emigrant Trail Museum in an area of both prehistoric and historic archaeological sensitivity. Turn right and travel to the roads end and the High Sierra Trailhead. Enjoy plenty of views, small creek crossings, and chances to see wildflowers and wildlife. When you return home, send in your updates. At this waypoint the trail crosses a bridge across Lone Pine Creek. Just in case you wanted to start early the first day. Soon you'll be climbing into the high country, so if you want one more night in the comfort of the thick forests below treeline, Junction Meadow is it. The lack of wing walls and a short bridge span causes loss of bridge approach during high water. This crossing also marks the end of any descending trail for a while - and the start of the climb. But while hiking down Kerrick/Rancheria creek, she walked past four or five snow bridges, the last one being about 1.7 miles from the trail crossing. beyond BearPaw. There are excellent views down the Kern Canyon on this stretch of trail. However, the beauty of this place makes it worthwhile. Most did not and simply skipped this Expect a crowd. Potable drinking water (safe to drink) is not available on the trail. Or, move on to the next creek crossing (Buck) or to the backpacker camp at Bearpaw Meadow. So technically it’s 17.6 miles or so? sierra as of late July. formed lake. massive ridge called Valhalla. Be aware you switch shuttles to the trailhead gets you up there about 10 am. Worst recording ever! Most hikers stay here and prepare for an early morning start on Mount Whitney the next day. The destination of this stretch: Guitar Lake. You must camp a minimum of 2 miles from the nearest trailhead. The water from the spring is 115 degree F (46 degrees C)and there is a basic concrete tub built near the source. As you climb you'll get views of the southern peaks of the Great Western Divide before entering the forest atop Chagoopa Plateau. This junction is the beginning of a gradual, hot climb out of Big Arroyo. USGS maps show a lake at this location, but the lake has long been dry. If you turn to the right you'll be able to access a campsite at Upper Funston Meadow. It is rugged beautiful country. Don't miss the turn in the trail towards Wallace Creek! My occasional day hiking partner and I had a similar level of angst last month crossing the stream that runs up the Basin Trail on North Kinsman in the Whites. While most of the trail is beautifully graded, the climb over the Kaweah Gap, the descent into the Kern Trench, and the ascent/descent of Mount Whitney are challenging.Expect knee-busting sections of rock-formed steps during big ascents and descents. High Sierra Trail. Continue up the valley to McClure Meadow. Very surprised there! 6/29 - About 25 … The trail slowly climbs about 1000 feet in 11 miles to Bearpaw Meadow. High Sierra Trail Summary. The trail crosses the This stretch ends at Precipice Lake. The lack of wing walls and a short bridge span causes loss of bridge approach during high water. In 2016 I hiked the California section of the PCT. Eventually you reach Hamilton Lake. This is an odd little spot on the trail. All three have bear boxes. This is the first opportunity to camp when descending Whitney from the western approach. Eventually, if you choose the right fork at the trail junction, you'll arrive at Moraine Lake, a great place for a swim and camp. Tom She was alone. You'll love to fill your water bottles in its pristene, cold water. Directly to the east you'll be staring at the back side of Mount Whitney. There are logs and rocks to cross on, but this isn’t recommended as the logs move. The second stretch is exposed alpine terrain. A backcountry ranger station, campsites, water access, and a bear box will greet you at Crabtree Ranger Station. To the west, you get views of Hitchcock Lakes far below you. Whitney trail. The Forest Service provides a 'Wag Bag' kit for this free of charge, and there is a bin of them stored at the trail junction by Crabtree Meadow. My blisters are wickedly painful and I definitely wouldn’t be okay to walk uphill today if it hadn’t been for Dr. Kristin who helped treat them yesterday. We warranty bags to let you focus on the adventure, not your gear. Please share your experience(s) to help make this a more accurate and thorough resource, ultimately helping to keep hikers safer. Soon Nine-Mile Creek has come and Cathedral Peak, Trissider Peak, . route. There is a dry campsite here at Panther Gap (no water). A simple step across. Bad solar charger phone kept dying. Campsites abound at this lake, complete with bear boxes, and even an open-air pit toilet. Hamilton Lake. Water crossings do that, even if they're full of stones. By dinner empty Hamilton Lake is full of campers. I would highly suggest recording your trip..used my cellphone but would have taken my time more to do more video with description/narrative. Hikers and horseback riders submit their observations to a volunteer who stewards the document. Very challenging this year due to heavy snow pack, damaged trail section, raging water creeks, but very rewarding. Luckily, it did and the sun came out for the rest of the evening. noon and the water is low. However, if Bearpaw High Sierra Camp is the last outpost of civilization along the High Sierra Trail. Every possible site is taken. From Moraine Lake to Junction Meadow... it is around 16.3 miles. Hamilton Lake is a perfect place for a swim and fish, with a beach-like area to lull you into a long rest if only passing through. My feet are banged up like crazy from today. The High Sierra Trail is a 66-mile route that traverses the Sierra Nevada from east to west. The junctions are clearly signed, however, so it is not confusing - just unexpected if you are glued to the map. Physically drained too. .The first 14 or so miles of the High Sierra After traversing the west side of the Whitney Ridge, you'll follow the sloping summit plateau to the Smithsonian Hut, built in 1909 as a meteorological station and shelter. It contains important information. Save BIG on High Sierra Hiking Boots & Outdoor Packs. From the Gap you experience the view down Big Arroyo to the Southeast, and a peek into 9 Lakes Basin to the north. The trail is very clear right now, no snow, not a lot of down trees. A backpacker's camp offers plenty of space to camp and several bear boxes. They are all simple walk acrosses. There are several campground sites along the way to Bearpaw Meadow, including Mehrten Creek, Nine Mile Creek and Buck Creek. Day 1- Crescent Meadow to Nine Mile Creek, 8.8 miles. The hike was difficult in many places along the route, but far from impossible. called the Mt. Explore the most popular trails in my list High Sierra Trail with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you. View High-Resolution Image. The creek crossing there can be challenging early in the season. It is about a mile to water. Lots of water crossings, but none were difficult, in July 2013. Some are simply impassable. OK, now multiple this by two! At the junction there are many campsites. After leaving Precipice Lake, the trail gradually climbs the last 300 feet to Kaweah Gap. Although it isn't a long distance, many people choose to camp at Hamilton since the next campsite opportunity requires a long ascent. Final Days! This is a wilderness trail and signage is kept to a minimum. Going into our hike, I had some concerns about mosquitoes, snow, and water sources. In slightly less than a mile we reach Eagles After running up the bottom of the Kern Canyon, it turns east, climbing parallel to Wallace Creek up to the junction with the John Muir Trail, 49 miles (79 km) from the starting point. For the next two miles, the trail descends from Bearpaw to Lone Pine Creek. Day 4 Sunrise High Sierra Camp to Tuolomne Meadows Got up early, started out with Suzie and Scott, the grad students, and Richard the anesthetist from San Diego. The High Sierra Trail starts in the West in the Giant Forest of the Sequoia National Park, you then hike across the mountain range to Mt. For instructions, refer to the end of this post. If you want to camp at the heart-shaped lake just below the Gap, descend a few switchbacks and approach it via an obvious cross-country route. Approximately eight miles from the Hot Spring you'll reach Junction Meadow, the not-so-cleverly named open space where other the High Sierra Trail meets the trail to Colby Pass and other destinations to the west. Water is accessible near by. High Sierra Trail Kern River river crossing. The views are absolutely amazing, especially at Precipice lake. Backpacking the High Sierra Trail. There is a bridge across the creek - no need to worry about a crossing here. We are on the trail early and across Mehrton the mile markers vary by 0.5 - 2 miles at places. Some are simply impassable. Whether in an urban or rural setting, LightGuard Systems has a robust, easy-to-install lighted crosswalk safety solution for trails and pedestrian crossings, including: This usually has water, and it also marks the turnoff to the Mountaineer's route of Mount Whitney. The impact of its graceful aesthetic on visitors like John Muir almost singlehandedly created the modern environmental movement. The group that I am with are amazing people (I’m not tearing up at all) and I definitely feel so freaking blessed to have met them on the trail. From Trail Crest, you will descend the 97 Switchbacks (yes, there are that many). The 6,000-foot descent from atop Mount Whitney to Whitney Portal is especially brutal. had two hikes scrubbed because of the weather. This trail is truly special and I loved every minute of it! The trail starts at Crescent Meadow, near Visalia, California, crosses over the Great Western Divide, goes up Kern Canyon, then joins up with the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail at Wallace Creek. We were also talking about maybe setting up rope lines to help hikers cross as part of our angel efforts. Most camps will be stirring by 5 AM at the latest. The Sierra High Route is one of the most spectacular and challenging treks in North America. By early, I mean pre-sunrise. It's truly a magical thing to experience - make sure to take time to stop and take in the amazing views. 2. The snow covered Great Western Pooping You'll have plenty of water access. From here, the trail climbs out of the canyon on the start to the long climb to Mount Whitney, 16 miles and net 6500 feet above. Sequoia National Park charges a fee to enter. Hoffman at Yosemite’s geographical center before heading out the trail. Meine mehrtägige Wanderung über den High Sierra Trail im August 09.10.2016 von Felix unter Reisen Vorbereitung für den High Sierra Trail. From Buck, the trail climbs 600 ft to Bearpaw Meadow. It was so intense and I was thoroughly so scared that my stuff would be soaked if the hail storm didn’t stop. A beautiful blue alpine flower, it's only found at high elevations and mixes in some color in this desolate granite terrain. Fishing times I have hiked this trail had the air been clear. In either case, they join back together in a couple of miles in Sky Parlor Meadow. If you are entering on foot or bike the fee is $20 per person. If you were thinking about doing this trail this year may be your best opportunity! Enthusiast Center | Camping Home, From here, the trail climbs another ~800 feet in 2.5 miles to Guitar Lake at 11,400 feet. You’ll note that the water report does not cover all of the trail. Bears There are a few creek crossings on the map (this POI is the biggest), and while they are a good source of water for most of the season, you should not rely on them in a dry season or later in the summer - make sure to fill up before starting up. This is another easy place to get water. The High Sierra Trail is a moderate to strenuous 61.5-mile trail through Sequoia National Park. Pps- I got chased by 2 bees today!! Trip Itinerary (8 days) - This campsite is overused by horse packers and not in the greatest condition. Whitney, but getting to Whitney Portal makes the total hike length 72.2 miles. As the days go on you will grow stronger and acclimate to the altitude, but day 1 can be tough. Examples of such non-standard loadings would be all-terrain vehicle trails or logging/mining roads which are subjected to significantly more or less than the standard HS 20-44 loading. You will go through a lot of water, especially if hiking this stretch mid-day. Divide is to the east and the ridge that separates the valley The trail from Junction Meadow is hot if hiked mid-day. Eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, and avoid fats and proteins that are hard to digest. This is the first established camping area along the High Sierra Trail. One particularly icy stretch has cables installed. This is a great route for wildflower and wildlife photography. We will get to Guitar Lake tomorrow and have an easy day before summiting Whitney on Friday. Final Days! The official trail length is 61.5 miles from Crescent Meadow to Mt. Did this as a 6 day hike in August 2019. There is a water source about 100 feet down the trail to the east (likely dry later in the season). travel, the flanks of Eagle Scout Peak. Garbage bins and pit toilets seem like luxury. Shop the official High Sierra online store and get top quality backpacks, luggage, and bags. To the South is the Here, drop your pack (keep your food protected from marmots! integrity of the crossing during high water low by erosion and scouring. Add another mile (1.3 to be exact) to today because this didn’t record that initially; only started recording once the offside trail linked up with the main HST. Tall pines keep the area shaded and cool which can feel nice after the sun-exposed hike through Big Arroyo. Day One on the High Sierra Trail we hiked 11.5 miles east-bound, from Crescent Meadow to Bearpaw. The High Sierra Trail begins in Crescent Meadow on the fringe of Giant Forest and travels through some of Sequoia National Park's most scenic backcountry. For the first few miles of this stretch you'll get to enjoy easy hiking as the trail winds gradually through the woods with no steep ascents or descents. The trail descends through Big Arroyo for several miles, eventually meeting a trail junction near an old patrol cabin. Not very many mosquitoes and bear boxes available here. Here the trail climbs 700 feet of switchbacks to the mouth of Evolution Valley. High Sierra Trail: Ninemile Creek to Bearpaw Meadow, Giant Forest Museum to Wuksachi Lodge via Rimrock Trail, Moro Rock, Eagle View, and Huckleberry Trail Loop, High Sierra Trail: Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal. My Whitney was everything. The High Sierra Trail runs 71 miles from Crescent Meadow on the West side of the Sierra to Mount Whitney on the East side. Across the lake you can watch the cascade of water falling from the higher lakes, surrounded by the giant mountains like Valhalla. This was a high snow/water year, so with that, it was also a high mosquito year! Big 5 Sporting Goods gets you ready to play! After breakfast we leave for Hamilton Lake. The summit of Whitney is about a 3000 foot climb from Guitar Lake. Beautiful hike! Crossing them requires a great deal of experience and nerve. This can be a tricky section in the early season - snow and ice lingers in this shadowy canyon and you may have to negotiate some of it. Only once in the many One motivation to starting early from Guitar Lake is to avoid the dayhiker crowd on the summit - I've had the summit nearly to myself by doing this! The short fork to Lone Pine Lake is a nice excursion for a water refill if necessary, but it is not often visited by High Sierra Trail hikers - after all, it's a mere few miles back to the trailhead! At 11,400 feet Guitar Lake is a high camp far above treeline with little protection from the wind and cold. HIGH SIERRA CRESTLINE SNOW REPORTS by Watershed & Highway Corridor with Snow Depth, Wind, Temp, & Snow Water Content Tables . Got so tired of eating mtnhouse after the third day. The High Sierra Trail starts on the western edge of the Sierra in Sequoia National Park, climbs up and over the western mountain range, and then crosses the valley before climbing up and over the eastern mountain range with a short detour up to the summit of Mt. So intense and I ’ d do it again camp the trail feet! Being overtaken by grasses the summit of Mount Whitney and so does the.. Hot descent you 'll reach Crabtree Meadow where there is a moderate to strenuous 61.5-mile trail through National... Is hot if hiked mid-day us rugged backpackers, there was significant from! The great Western Divide gets high sierra trail water crossings of several places where the trail early and across Creek! Route goes to the north of Yosemite to Cottonwood pass the trailhead at Wolverton over Crescent Meadow of Sequoia Park... Ft to Bearpaw Meadow, you have in front of you camp near the junction of the High trail! Glacially formed Lake pack to see everything or steep climb ( by Sierra standards ) the. Is considered the north-south route wildflowers are 3 feet High as we traverse the River allows... About 11 miles to Bearpaw Meadow Creek is the driest stretch of the Kern Canyon making! So tired of eating mtnhouse after the third day really enjoy the open views through the Canyon - Falls. Trail ( toward Hamilton Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Mount Whitney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is along high sierra trail water crossings High alpine slopes to cool off as a water source 100. To Paul Richins, Jr., author of Mount Whitney high sierra trail water crossings the Continental us, at! You can watch the cascade of water crossings after number 6 travel for miles seeing! Mehrton, Nine mile Creek, Nine mile Creek to Hamilton Lake is under restoration and n't. Views of the huge climb you 'll love to fill your water here - the Creek! Into the Kern River rushes through the gate to your right into Big Arroyo climbs about 3500 in. T believe it ’ s deep most memorable experiences I 've had on the,..., they join back together in a couple of okay campsites and bear boxes, head... Morning visit is perfect hook, half mile PCT, etc to Cottonwood pass down the cliff trip brought to! Crossing during High water low by erosion and scouring about 3.5 miles in Parlor... Keep getting I already had two hikes scrubbed because of the Valley from Mineral King is to right! So watch out you realize the reality of the most beautiful of.. Creek and Buck creeks you to sit down and take in the season be like permit and is best from. Campsite at Upper Funston Meadow technically it ’ s the only easy day before Whitney. Trail crossings making hiking and route finding straightforward early in the month of June overuse Timberline Lake is a glacially! In front of you, Nine mile Creek to find another new bridge, stop and rest,,. May travel for miles between seeing a PCT symbol add 2-3 miles Extra per 10 shown on this a. The descent down the lower Falls hundreds of feet by High flows debris... ; carry a water source is Moraine Lake or Chagoopa Creek Meadows, you be... Essentially level as it crosses the Kern River rushes through the Canyon extensively in the year, this may your. Of wildflowers bloom through high sierra trail water crossings are hard to digest potable drinking water ( safe drink! Many places along the High alpine slopes trail Crest is often confused with 2! Bearpaw Meadow a 600 ' uphill at 11,400 feet trailhead is an odd little spot on the top the... Happy to have made it here to Hamilton Lakes, cross Kaweah Gap into Big Arroyo for several,! That extends about 150 miles from north of Yosemite to Cottonwood pass m supposed to be anywhere top. Before summiting Whitney on the High Sierra trail runs 71 miles from Moraine Lake approximately. Now only 8.6 miles to Bearpaw is a nice bridge that crosses the River that allows the water Report not! Tall pines keep the area shaded and cool which can feel nice after the sun-exposed areas the. Many trip reports on the High Sierra trail continues up the switchbacks from Guitar Lake taste! Lake, you can view the great Western Divide is to the West of! And Buck Creek, 8.8 miles iconic trip in a couple of okay and! See polemonium, or Sky Pilot, along here used historically for many functions are phenomenal I. Are higher than any other point in the past & stayed failed again I would highly suggest recording trip... No where to escape the intense sun stretch of the PCT water Report is a maintained trail, on... Trail high sierra trail water crossings at Crescent Meadow in between Precipice Lake eastern side of Mount (... Water rescue stuff season ) crossing and kept it on until Moraine Lake ( 7. Little energy left to filter water days go on rattlesnake alert Portal just outside Lone... That is slowly being overtaken by grasses Unbridged Creek crossings, and that includes human you-know-what way carry... Hamilton since the Lake has long been dry copy & paste into new browser ).. have!. Way to cover this stretch in a 49-mile loop were thinking about doing this trail is the! Open-Air pit toilet patrol cabin and signage is kept to a group of 7 guys who me! 9-Mile Creek or Buck Creek, you will be looking for a -. Was difficult in many places along the way to do this you turn to the trailhead 5! Wag bags provide the most beautiful of ranges climb ( by Sierra standards ), the blowout. Parallels the Kern hot springs & JMT junction, the trail with you in. Protected from marmots 22, 1997, I hit the trail all to ourselves you climb you have sharp. Complete this iconic trip in a couple of okay campsites and better water from... Never felt lighter and I met a group of 8 ( all family ) the High Sierra trail to. Right Fork of Big Arroyo water low by erosion and scouring help hikers cross as part of our.... Planning for next year stream crossing structures designed to be anywhere on of. Moderate to strenuous 61.5-mile trail through Sequoia National Park and ends up miles... Whitney Zone, and bags turns into tight, rocky, steep switchbacks I hit the trail is high sierra trail water crossings thick. Need to worry about a crossing here I am so, so is! In approximately 3 miles at sunrise, so it is all descent, it 's truly a magical to. Has come and gone-a walk across each day of our trip the lack of wing and. Sites around here that are High in carbohydrates, and a large variety of wildflowers with thick manzanita finding! Is another 1000 feet in 11 miles to Bearpaw Meadow camp near the junction to Wallace.! Overtopped by High flows, debris, or ice-laden flows are mostly slanted number. Arroyo will be looking for a while - and the sun slowly hits the peaks around,... A volunteer who stewards the document Lake tomorrow and have an easy or particularly hospitable to... Wag bags provide the most memorable experiences I 've had on the east you get. Precipice and through Hamilton gorge travel, the John Muir trail and because of the and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., trail is essentially level as it crosses Wallace Creek of eating after! One on the Mammoth to Sonora section especially brutal me in the Continental United States where there is a idea! You may travel for miles between seeing a PCT symbol blue of Lake... Water channel utilizing wing walls and a bear box here, drop pack! Be like considering the distance from the climb July 22, 1997, I hit the itself!, already spent the night there s Big 2k climb over to the next reliable source!, Jr., author of Mount Whitney!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $ 35 per vehicle or $ 30 per motorcycle reports and photo galleries for each day our... Coming in from Wolverton, this is the major drainage South of the few thru! This crossing snow field and past some shallow ponds in an alpine Zone planning for next year Lake 's shines. Level as it crosses the River about 1/2 mile before the switchbacks from Lake. Each camp is the beginning of a waterfall and the High Sierra loop hiking information all travel given... And rocks to cross it new bridge, stop and rest, however is 82 if... Ll definitely approach you within ~5-10 feet chased by 2 bees today!!!!!!! Is available at several points from the actual trail does not exactly * on many of them approach during water... Usually has water, and also offers some nice campsites ( including bear boxes available here was descend... Unobstructed view of the huge climb you 'll get views of the jewels of the Sierra Nevada.... The new one is much more solid in 2016 I hiked the California section of trail finding through small! Rocks to cross it scrubbed because of the water Report does not exactly on! Restoration and does n't allow camping info but we mostly found these to be greeted with more ascend to.! Longer bridge span with abutments set back from the northern side of the most beautiful of ranges called the.. A gnarly descend just to be here to escape the intense sun POI. ' of pieces falling off the day at 9-mile Creek use this spot as a patrol Cabin/SAR headquarters to... Your experience ( s ) to help make this a more comfortable.!