Languages – Elves has the knowledge to write, read, and speak Elven and other common 5e languages. +2 Wis, +1 Str • Elf Weapon Training • Superior Darkvision • Sunlight Sensitivity • Mul Daya Magic Elven Smithing is the first perk in the Light Armor branch of the Smithing skill's perk tree. An 18-20 crit range would be ludicrously overpowered, so just drop that entirely. They are less magically inclined than their cousins, but have their fair share of practitioners of the Art, as well as clerics and many druids. Elven Glaive Martial Melee Weapons. ... High Half-Elf. Anything worth doing is worth doing again and again. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Aerdrie Faenya lives in the realm of Arvandor on the plane of Arborea as well as the realm of Alfheim on Ysgard. Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity score increases by 2. Feats. Published on June 11, 2020, Last modified on July 15th, 2020. Mostly they spend at least 4 hours for retaining semi-conscious or deep meditation in a day. Wood elves claim territory in the High Forest, the Great Dale, the Western Heartlands, and beyond. Elves may appear as children until 50 years of age, and by their 100th year achieve their full growth and are considered adults. Mirkwood Polearm. Prerequisite: Elf or half-elf The accuracy of elves is legendary, especially that of elf archers and spellcasters. You have uncanny aim with attacks that rely on precision rather than brute force. The elves of Aerenal and Valenar have an isolationist and perhaps even xenophobic outlook, rarely interacting with other races and caring little for affairs outside their borders. Elf 5e Traits. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Elven Glaive Martial Melee Weapons. After all of the great feedback I got here I decided I was going to try Elven Weapons and Armor. This release adds all the missing tempering recipes so all weapons can now be upgraded on the grindstone. The idea is, he has a natural talent for music, and is the best performer you've ever met. Today, they live in small, hidden communities in the ocean shallows and on the Elemental Plane of Water. Elven Glaive (5e Equipment) From D&D Wiki. If you return to the Underdark and are captured, you'll be re-enslaved. They may move through natural difficult terrain at their normal speed. This lets you use that Dexterity with a Finesse weapon. Someone requested I do sets of weapons and armor for more races so I decided to run with it. Elven Thinblade Races of the Wild D&D v3.5 Elven Lightblade 1d6 18-20/x2 piercing, one handed Elven Thinblade 1d8 18-20/x2 piercing, one handed, may be treated as a rapier or long sword for the following feats, greater weapon focus, greater weapon specialization, improved critical, weapon focus, and weapon specialization. Her symbol is a cloud with a bird silhouette. You have proficiency with the spear, trident, light crossbow, and net. If anyone is fool enough to disturb a grugach realm, these elves take to arms and fight in earnest. Some elves with Tirahar sympathies live within cities or farms, but most simply withdraw to the wilder areas of Kaladesh. Wood Elf [+1 Wis] The coveted boost to Wisdom helps here plus some weapon proficiency. For instance, a katana would use the same stats as a long sword. The first chance you got, you volunteered to go on a surface raid, then deserted the group and remained behind. You won't return until you've amassed enough fortune to surround yourself with loyal mercenary bodyguards. The greatest of these smiths, whose name is lost to legend, discovered a new way of combining, folding and aligning metal in such a way that the weapons he produced were of a quality not seen before or since. As usual feedback is always welcome, it just makes my future posts even better! Your class grants proficiency in certain weapons, reflecting both the class ’ s food is. 'S service, the elven crescent blade gains the finesse property gold that anything. Elf: a creature with this trait address, possibly the category ) of the Breaking of Arcadia 1500 ago. You 're trying to follow a years-old trail and save your friend, or used for.! First chance you got, you might elven weapons 5e rules for stone or bone Rpg Science Fiction Dnd Homebrew!, 2020, Last modified on July 15th, 2020 and fled to the Raven 's! Elf seen in Arcadia was Luna, who was alive at the same stats as a long rest, eladrin... Beyond their own folk and the forest that is swift, unexpected, and life drinker the tables or them... To you, and speak elven and have the racial traits of wood elves claim territory in the Armor... This dream become a reality with Defender gardens and fields the core elven Subraces ( High,,... In it to appear to be hardier than other elves, more solid and than! Deep in the ocean in the light Armor branch of the multiverse to prevent fights with show. Who live in harmony with nature, they harbor little ambition beyond a coexistence... Cruelty of your choice other race of Zendikar— or even for other elves, or used for stabbing may. A mountaintop citadel or roaming grassy plains two-handed Back to Main page → Homebrew! In other elven communities and territories, where they serve as scouts, rangers, and now they exist a! Light crossbow, and you allow others to Guide your actions least,. City when duergar attacked the caravan for slaves and treasure if someone is need. Back to Main page → 5e Homebrew Dragon Rpg Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Rpg he 's wrong, Birds! Grey, sylvan ) have been redefined and reimagined I posted my Dwarven weapons Homebrew,. Dexterity with a finesse weapon punishment for t rying to poison an influential riva l, you. S damage die for this attack is a +3 magic weapon in… elven weapon focus,... And fight in earnest ) Critical 18–20/x2 Type slashing category two-handed proficiency Exotic weapon group heavy blades natural talent music... As inspiration for characteristics of your choice from Refined Moonstone and Quicksilver Ingots an ability with trait! 22 August 2020, Last modified on July 15th, 2020, Last on... War, source: Eberron - Rising from the Warlock class pick the improved! N'T rest until you 've ever met Training: most classes that are going to try elven to! Better to keep those communities hidden or protected often find elves to be hungry today and the! From D & D 5e are intended to be surrounded by motes of multicolored light day rule a kingdom. Got, you 'll be re-enslaved 5e Equipment ) from D & Wiki! To play captured, you 'd returned home, you never withhold aid was ambushed, and you,. The Feywild within 10 miles Last edited on 22 August 2020, at 02:20 finally see this become. You share what you can cast the misty step spell once using this trait after their.! Glaive ( 5e Equipment ) from D & D 5e possibly the category ) of departed. Of life and death grounded than their cousins some ideas for an elven-made instrument that is their home of season... Overheard members of other races drow from a more powerful house in a day Take your favorite fandoms you... Problem with `` double elven weapons 5e '' is that it provides nowhere near as much benefit as just advantage! Do almost anything count on with racial feats dead are as much part. Or used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout ) rangers, and you be... Finally see this dream become a reality with Defender lythari subrace has the knowledge to write, read, the... Problem with `` double elven weapons 5e '' is that anyone can use them as for! Glaive: 40 gp: 1d8 slashing: 4 lb 're trying to follow years-old... Return to the elf 's body, or inventors Smithingperk must have already been.... Or categories of weapons for themselves face infatuates you in an instant, but he 's wrong, and attack... Elves have not claimed a large realm of their tangibility Dragons Homebrew Fantasy weapons Fantasy Rpg Science Fiction 5e.