The Benefits of Using a Biometric Fingerprint Clock and Attendance System . 600 fingerprint capacity. Integrate data directly into Sage Line 50 or export to Microsoft Excel for simple transfer into other payroll systems. During the registration process the user’s face is recorded at different heights and distances in order to build a reliable reference for future clocking events. Additional software seats can be purchased at any time. Designed to be Innovative Effective Accurate Digital Our Cloud-based time and attendance software works together with our biometric devices to provide accurate and user friendly attendance management solutions. Biometric Time Clock with card reader. It does record unpaid lunches but not paid breaks. Try our installation price estimator or contact us for expert advice and a detailed quotation. Proven time and attendance solutions for Windows desktops, used by thousands of companies across the UK and beyond. Time GuardianFPT-80 is an employee time tracking system designed to eliminate buddy punching through fingerprint recognition. Support queries are dealt with quickly and professionally.”, “The best thing about the ClockRite system is its ease of use. All terminals support LAN (ethernet) and USB connectivity as standard. With biometric fingerprint* technology and a backup camera, you’ll have a fail-safe way to ensure employee verification on every punch. The popularity of facial recognition clocking solutions has grown significantly in recent years. “Easy to control, easy to maintain; the ClockRite System provides instant information at the touch of a button. Zksoftware U160 Biometric Fingerprint Reader Attendance Time Clock … HFeng 2.4 inch Biometric Fingerprint attendance machine USB finger scanner Time Card locker free software password Employee Checking-in Recorder Device 600 users for Office/Home 4.0 out of 5 stars 5 £31.99 Icon Time Systems Biometric Time Clock. Include Optical fingerprint reader and strong lighting face recognition algorithm, also support pin code and proximity cards, voice response, employees can view their accumulative hours in the time clock, break time alert. Attendance and payroll data is then stored securely on your PC or server. (A shared network drive or folder is required for multi-pc installation). Are there any monthly fees or ongoing costs? Registered in England: 3384454,VAT Number: 694354795. Can we connect a bell to the clocking system? Next Generation Biometric Technology: Lightning fast processor - 1Ghz Built-in wide angle camera provides 100% photo verification when a failed punch occurs and automatically emails and alert to manager Industry 1st patent-pending employee self-enrollment system which eliminates need for supervisor at clock minimizing overhead for the administrator Time Clock Terminal Features: Multiple … Timedox Silver Snow WiFi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Bundle, Including Software, 0 NO Monthly Fees, 180 Days Live Support, Free Unlimited Backup and Storage, 2-Yr Warranty 3.7 out of 5 stars 21 $297.00 $ 297 . Robust, reliable on premise solutions from only £298.00. The ClockRite Software supports permissions-based login profiles, ensuring users can only access the information they need to carry out their responsibilities. A ClockRite facial recognition attendance clocking system provides a secure, sophisticated time and attendance solution for your business. The unit feels cheap with a low-quality LCD screen.”, “This punch clock does the job. ClockRite C860 clock card machines are a simple, cost effective way of tracking employee attendance. Range is largely dependent on the signal strength of your wireless router, and can be affected by the construction of your building or nearby appliances. The C400 has the capacity for as many as 800 staff. Face clocking data links directly to our own UK time and attendance software, helping you to simplify your payroll management. See more ideas about iris recognition, fingerprint, biometrics. 14 Day Free Trial View Products Biometric Solutions – Facial Recognition SmartHub-FT As the latest addition to the ClockedIn range of time and attendance solutions, our facial… To learn more about how we use the cookies and how to disable them, please see our cookies policy. This mini spy camera hiding behind an alarm clock is made from a durable sink alloy to make sure that it will keep on working for a long time. Every system allows for software installation on 2 PCs as standard. 3) Voice Recognition Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. All clocking terminals are linked to the same ClockRite software database and register attendance for the same group of staff. 00 We support direct integration into Sage Payroll. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss bell ringing requirements in detail. Optional WiFi capability eliminates the need to run cables. View all absences in convenient calendar format and include paid leave in total hours reports, ensuring payroll data remains accurate. **We cannot guarantee complete compatibility between Clockrite and any versions of Windows no longer supported by Microsoft**. Give us a call us on (+44) 01246 267715 or get in touch via our contact page for a friendly chat about your Time & Attendance requirements. Staff register clockings via dedicated proximity, fingerprint, and face recognition hardware. A 2.4 inch thin film transistor screen fits most hands. We recommend an installation height of around 1.1 meters, as this allows the majority of users to stand at a comfortable distance (around 0.5 meters) from the terminal when making a clocking. Biometric time clock systems can be used in small office or large buildings to track employee time by fingerprints. Users should look down into the clocking terminal camera in order to register a clocking. Results assume a 40hr work week with 240 working days per year and may be rounded to nearest whole number. We do not charge an ongoing licence fee for the ClockRite software, and you'll still have access to your system regardless of whether or not you choose to renew. The clocking process is swift, simple, and entirely foolproof, proving popular with staff members and ensuring peace of mind for administrators. - Rated for outdoor use. ClockRite biometric time and attendance system with Facial Recognition and optional WiFi connectivity. Make offer - 2.8in Face Fingerprint Recognition Time Clock Biometric Fingerprint 125Khz Card. A facial recognition attendance clocking system is suitable for businesses of any size, and scales easily for companies with multiple locations. ClockRite supports unlimited shift patterns, including night shifts, and allows for multiple shifts per employee or staff group. Icon Time System’s Small Business Biometric Time Clock. Try. Please, A user stands in front of the clocking terminal, The C400’s face recognition camera matches the user’s face against their profile, The clocking is confirmed through on-screen and audio messages, Suitable wall space for the facial recognition clocking machine, A well lit area with a consistent light source, Nearby network point or ethernet connection with a fixed local IP address*, Reasonable 2.4GHz Wifi signal with a fixed local IP address**. ClockRite Cloud is our next-gen time and attendance web application, in use by companies around the world. Try our System Comparison Guide for a detailed breakdown of our Time & Attendance range. USB downloads are available as an alternative. Aug 7, 2016 - Make your office digitally sound. The C400 face clocking machine also supports proximity clocking via badge or fob. Facial recognition carries all the biometric security advantages of a fingerprint system while also being completely contactless, making it ideal for any working environment. It is not uncommon to find people getting stressed about work. Quoted prices assume that you'll be installing the system yourself and include the following: If you'd like to have your system installed by one of our engineers please get in touch for installation prices in your area. offers 194 biometric time clock access controller with camera products. A bell ringing system can be incorporated into the clocking system as long as the maximum load passing through the clocking machine does not exceed 12V DC / 1A. Fast shipping. If it can, the clocking machine should have no trouble gaining a connection too. We use cookies to improve our website. After this period you may choose to renew your support contract with us, thereby extending your system support and hardware warranty for a further 12 months. If you require more than three clocking terminals or installation over multiple sites please contact us to discuss your requirements. Go2Clock allows you to capture employee time & attendance data (eg. Normal postal services resume on Monday 04/01/21. Please note last dispatch for next working day deliveries during the holiday period is Wednesday 23/12/20. An Entry-Level Job Clocking System is ideal for companies wishing to identify time-loss in a workshop and gain insight into areas for improvement. After the first 12 months we'll invite you to renew your support contract with us. Looking for a Time Clock that will be used on a construction site. The TotalPass B600 works right out of the box. Having the right tools is about the most important thing when allowing staff to work from home. Once downloaded, individual time sheets can be calculated and displayed in detailed reports. Here are best biometric access control systems in India market for office attendance and digital door lock. FingerTec TA300 - TA300 is ready to be used straight out of the box without any hassle of wiring. Queries are always very well supported, don’t change!”, “The ClockRite System reports attendance, absence, and overtime with an identification process that is fast as well as accurate. Using a biometric time clock you can allow your employees to punch using their fingerprint, RFID card, PIN or even facial recognition. It took a little effort trying to get it figured out for setup and use. HFeng TCP/IP/USB Biometric RFID Fingerprint Time Clock: Camera & Photo. A biometric time clock is a digital time clock that allows employees to clock in clock out. All our queries have been dealt with quickly; we have had no problems with the system.”, “The facial recognition system makes clocking in fast and easy, and the ClockRite software provides useful individual reports on employees’ hours. Skip to main ", “ClockRite is a reliable system, and we’ve found the holiday features and shift settings particularly useful. Registered office: Oct 14, 2013 - Quality biometric time and attendance solutions using fingerprint, face, vein and iris recognition to reduce staff management costs and automate attendance management. All products on this list have their strengths and weakness, which makes it important to carefully establish your business’ unique requirements and then evaluate the time clocks based on how well they meet your needs. The time clock can also be used on a stand-alone system or it can be distributed on a network of 33 clocks using LAN, WAN & web connectivity. Staff simply stand in front of the C400’s face recognition camera. If you are ready to order simply click on the ADD TO BASKET button at the top of the page. The C400’s face recognition camera matches the user’s face against their profile; The clocking is confirmed through on-screen and audio messages; Data Storage and Download. *Figures are advisory only. Some of the most advanced biometric time clocks with facial recognition features can interface with security cameras in your office and clock employees in and out the moment they walk through the door (reducing the risk of delays at a single station). A wide variety of biometric time clock access controller with camera options are available to you, such as antivirus & security, tablet pc. Our ClockRite Software provides an intuitive and versatile time and attendance solution for your business. Registering a biometric facial profile is extremely quick and easy through a guided process at the clocking in machine. Full UK Time and Attendance Clocking Software Intuitively Displays Data from the Face Recognition Clock In Machine, Comprehensive Reporting Suite with Export Functionality, Holiday and Absence Planning with Entitlement Tracking, Contactless Facial Recognition Technology (, Download Facial Clocking Data via Lan, USB, or (optional) WiFi, Inbuilt RFID Proximity Reader For Optional Use Alongside Facial Clock In, 12 Month Face Recognition Clock In Machine Warranty, Free next day delivery for customers in the UK Mainland (, Shipping charges may apply if you’re situated outside the UK Mainland. Advanced Job Clocking Systems track attendance time alongside utilisation, productivity, and efficiency metrics to provide a comprehensive overview of how your workshop functions. Please allow extra time for Royal Mail delivery services. For a simple and easy solution, the Icon Time Systems … The TotalPass B600 is our most complete time and attendance solution. Includes free UK delivery and self-installation. Electronics & Photo. The face recognition terminal is installed at an angle, giving it a wide field of view and allowing it to recognise staff of varying heights. IP67 (Will be outdoor 24/7 exposed to all environments and temperatures) - Standalone Management - Biometric and Card Readers. Both handpunch and fingerprint time clocks verify very quickly and can also be used in harsh environments. Softworks Touchless Biometric Clocks with Fever Recognition features include: High definition camera for contactless facial and palm recognition; Infrared sensor for real-time temperature detection; Facial detection with or without face masks. Simple Setup. Automatic tracking of irregular shift patterns and holidays, “So far so good, minus one star for this time clock’s inability to record paid breaks. Working From Home Boosts Productivity Say Experts, The Single Most Effective Way to Retain Your Staff. Staff register clockings by web app, mobile, iPad, or dedicated hardware. Our range of door access control systems feature robust RFID proximity sensors and sophisticated biometric fingerprint verification. **WiFi Model Only. All facial profiles are stored as a unique mathematical algorithm, ensuring data security. Individual users can also be assigned permissions-based roles, allowing them to perform specified actions depending on their responsibilities. This state of the art clocking system is supplied with our full UK time and attendance software suite. Records can be re-used if staff leave the business, and additional capacity can be purchased at a later date if needed. WiFi range is generally similar to that of a mobile phone, laptop, or other WiFi capable device. The TotalPass Biometric supports the next generation of fingerprint and camera technology, with 100% photo verification, making “buddy-punching” virtually a thing of the past. To compliment the C400’s biometric security, a personal PIN can also be used. The ClockRite system has the capacity for up to 16 attendance clockings per employee per day. If you thought biometric authentication was something just for sci-fi movies or spy thrillers, think again. All ClockRite terminals feature a top-level administration menu that can only be accessed with a special RFID proximity ‘admin card’. Call: 01246 267 715 | Email: Dunston Innovation Centre, Dunston Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 8NG. View an at-a-glance summary of secure biometric face clockings, hours worked, and relevant exceptions for all employees. The terminal does not supply voltage to the bell(s), instead acting as a switch to sound the bell(s) at defined times. Define multiple absence codes and track leave entitlement with our comprehensive absence module. The time clock store the setup data and the employee's last 100k transactions even when the power is off. A Complete Time & Attendance Solution for Businesses up to 500 Employees Easy. It needs to fill most of the key points below. Biometric security prevents employees buddy clocking, while face recognition is fast, completely contactless, extremely reliable, and suitable for any working environment. All clocking systems are supplied with a 12 month hardware warranty and 12 months software support. Check it out here! If you think you might need separate databases for different staff groups please get in touch to discuss your requirements with the team. ClockRite is a trading name of Motor Industry Management Systems Ltd. No, we do not charge monthly fees or subscriptions. Biometrics, including fingerprint scanning, can now be found in many areas of daily life, including personal cell phones and employee time clocks. Jibble is a free time and attendance tracking software with 10,000s of users around the globe. The number of clocking terminals your staff will use to clock in and out. *For data download over LAN. Unlimited remote support with all clocking systems. We find the individual time reports most useful, and can always count on the support team if we need them.”, “The ClockRite system was very easy to install and set up. I think the price is too high for the overall quality of the product.”. Door entry controllers link to most internal or external doors, ensuring only authorised personnel can gain access. Install to multiple PCs as needed and create tiered user profiles to ensure staff can only access information relevant to their role. The number of staff who will register attendance at any one time. Premium Biometric with camera and WiFi Icon TotalPass Biometric 100 employee PIN/Badge and fingerprint time clock with camera. Facial recognition clocking data is analysed according to your specific shift rules in order to generate a detailed breakdown of all attended time. All clocking machines are supplied with our custom firmware and switches to and from Daylight Saving Time automatically. Our first product comes from Icon Time … The software utilises attendance data from the C400 face recognition clocking machine to make payroll preparation quick and easy. Once registered, users can clock in and out quickly and easily. Access clock information in real-time from anywhere in the world on any device. Our fingerprint, facial recognition biometric time clock can save over 7% in payroll cost. But thereafter, smooth sailing. My staff are different heights, how will the clocking machine see them all? Installation service is available with all clocking system packages. How many computers can we install the software on? As can be seen, there is a good selection of biometric time clocks that help businesses to easily and accurately collect, track and manage employee time and attendance. Clock can connect USB or Ethernet. Please contact us if you require more than 4 clocking terminals. Does the clocking machine have a DLST setting? Bonus Points - Built in camera for employee verification - POE. Our experienced engineers will ensure you're up and running in no time, while our support team take great care in managing your installation and making sure that you remain informed throughout. Missing or erroneous face recognition clockings are easy to identify and amend, while total hours are intuitively broken down by pay rate. Many of our customers operate a multi-site clocking system, and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs in detail. We have found the reliability of the biometric facial system brilliant and very straightforward for staff to use on arrival and departure from work. Recognition is almost instantaneous, and in normal operation staff members can register a clocking in around two seconds. The use of fingerprint prevents buddy punching and is the most preferred method when you using a biometric time clock. It is complete with a WiFi router you can configure via an app. Optional WiFi connectivity allows the clocking terminal to integrate with your local network without the need to run cables. Generate detailed, readable reports on every aspect of your employees’ time and attendance. Define up to 5 rates of overtime to be applied daily or weekly as needed. Alerts if a mask is being worn incorrectly; 3-in-1 contactless palm recognition. The base system can accommodate up to 100 employees (upgradeable to 250).