Drizzle with the lemon juice and olive oil and then sprinkle with salt and pepper, to taste. Next add the meats. Paprika, preferably Hungarian . Add the rest of the ingredients around the bowls, like cheese, olives, dolmathakia, peppers, vegetables, etc. These can be served in a meze platter or simply as a tasty snack. Sprinkle the leaves from the thyme, the sliced basil, the minced garlic, the red pepper flakes, and the lemon zest all over the feta. Combine the dried thyme, fennel seeds, and red pepper flakes in a small bowl. Leave to stand for about half an hour. Lay the feta on a large plate with each slice slightly overlapping the last. Ours generally include veggies, pitas, hummus, olives, and a variety of other delicious Mediterranean goodies. Mezze (or meze) is a selection of Mediterranean small dishes. Meze Platter for 2 Meze is essentially a variety of Middle Eastern appetizers – several items served up small-plate style. Artfully arrange the dips on the platter/board. Meats. The Kitchen At 59 - Inspiring, healthy recipes from around the world. 2 cups thick Greek yogurt (2 percent or full fat, but never the chalky fat-free kind) Salt to taste . 2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice to taste . Add salt to taste and pour the dressing over the peppers. The word mezze comes from Persian, in which “mazze” means taste or snack. Of course you can serve mezze in separate small dishes, and I do that often. The Greek equivalent to Italian antipasto or Spanish tapas, Greek meze (pronounced meh-ZEH) are a variety of little tasty noshes typically served on small plates in eateries around Greece. I like to keep them close to the bowls. You can even try to make them for your next potluck dinner. Fill the empty spaces with veggies, chips, dolmades, and your favorite Greek appetizers. Space them throughout the greek platter. And you can always make two or more platters if you are having a larger party. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled, garnished with the reserved thyme leaves. Find the largest platter you have to display your mezze. on the platter. All the recipes are low in fat but big on flavour! The #1 tip for how to arrange a mediterranean appetizer platter is to CRAM THAT PLATTER FULL! This Mediterranean platter consists several small dishes that compliment each other very well. My love of international cuisines keeps me cooking and exploring. Start with any bowls of dips, olives, etc. How to Build an Easy Greek Mezze Platter. To start, prepare the feta. Different colors, shapes, flavors, and textures. It’s commonly served with dinner across the Mediterranean and the Balkans. But I also enjoy a beautiful mezze platter display. Dips/Spreads. Lay the feta slices overlapping on a 9 × 9-inch square serving Fill a platter or a wooden cutting board with your favorite dips, cheese, colorful veggies, and bread, call some friends over and enjoy. How to Assemble a Greek Mezze Platter Add the dips (serve at least three) into small wooden serving bowls and place them around a larger platter. One mezze platter works particularly well for smaller parties of 10 or fewer guests. Another meze staple, dolmades are delicious vine leaves stuffed with rice, fresh herbs, and seasonings and sometimes pine nuts. In lieu of lots of little dishes, I decided to put together a collection of Greek-inspired noshes on a nice wooden serving board instead.

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