They were ambushed by Cao … Should I just make one for all the characters? Due to Aslatiel's and Lucina's previous history, the group holds direct enmity towards the Old Maou Faction, and by extension; all of the Khaos Brigade. Kuisha said. They were ambushed by Cao … The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively, The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions. While Sairaorg has not shown it, he attributed Regulus being tamed from the ability of the Vapula clan in which his mother, Misla Bael, came from. "The Gremory Family has chosen the player Kiba for the first match! Exiled from his home after he was unable to inherit his family's Power of Destruction, Sairaorg trained himself to the point that he can fight off anybody as one of the strongest devils. Upbeat and cheerful, he's somewhat of a foil to the brooding Aslatiel. After Issei defeats Cao Cao, Sairaorg proclaims that he shall be the one to defeat Issei. Potential Spoiler. Ultimate-class Devil promotion Sairaorg Bael Seegvaira Agares Rias Gremory Sona Sitri . 1 Plot 2 Current Members 3 Trivia 4 References 5 Navigation Sairaorg's peerage were first shown in Volume 6, when the Occult Research Club are shown watching the match between the Bael Team and the Glasya-Labolas Team. Soujirou and Ilena are the only Sacred Gear users in Aslatiel's peerage. Once he finished, someone started to clap somewhere from the audience. He Eventually Married Twenty Four Wives and Created A Great Dynasty. Sairaorg Bael: 1 ships destroyed and 22 ships lost. "Warning! * … He was born to Sairaorg Bael and his wife from Phenex clan. Despite this, he ultimately lost to Issei after the latter manages to achieve his Cardinal Crimson Promotionin their battle, fighting Sairaorg in a fist fight which Sairaorg lost after losing consciousness. "He's still a part of my club!" Hybrid Bael's Duke (Male Reader x Highschool DxD) Action. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. If anything significant needs to be done, such as any large additions, disputes to listed translations to a term or name, or formatting issues, please feel free to post them at the High School DxD - Names and Terminology discussion thread. Aslatiel's group is particularly powerful for such a young peerage, vastly outclassing the peerages of all of the Rookies Four except for Sairaorg Bael's. He and the Gremory Team then welcome Issei who came back from the Dimensional Gap, witnessing Vali Lucifer and Pluto's fight, which Vali won dominantly as Issei and Cao Cao fight one-on-one in a rematch. TV Show: High School DxD BorN Franchise: High School DxD. Due to his immense life force, Sairaorg can use the Breakdown the Beast for a short period of time without actually endangering his life. Grendel used this chance to beat Sairaorg up but he persevered and with his and Issei's combined effort, they were able to defeat Grendel and have Koneko Toujou seal his soul inside a jewel from Issei's armor. When Qlippoth launched their attack, Sairaorg and his peerage first defended the floating island Agreas then helped in the defense of Auros after the appearance of the legendary Evil DragonsGrendel and Ladon. D&D Beyond Ilena is the only Rook known to have consumed two pieces, making up for a remarkable value of ten Pawns. fallenangels, angels, slashdog. Sairaorg Bael DxD AmV - Indestructible - Duration: 3:04. hector jesus medina talavera 1,718 views. Sairaorg desires to become Satan to prove himself even with his lack of special demonic powers. He was known as the strongest young Devil before being beaten by Issei. Despite having the appearance of a beautiful young adult, Ilena displays masochistic tendencies that greatly annoy Aslatiel and have confused more than one enemy. His peerage consists of Devils that are scorned by other Devils. When Sairaorg heard news of Trihexa heading to Japan, he and his peerage head to the human world to assist their side in the war against Qlippoth. The nature of their strength is considered to be their acquired experience through years of independent travel throughout the human world and other t… Sairaorg trained his body to its limits to become powerful and due to this, he defeated his younger half-brother, which made him the next heir of the Bael Clan. By apsm Watch. That sound became louder and louder and soon filled the entire arena. Sairaorg nodded and noticed her eyes look past him, taking a guess where she was looking. Sairaorg Bael is the next heir of the Bael Clan. Story Arcs; Volume List; Anime. The sword gives the wielder the ability to summon and control black wind with a variety of uses, ranging from direct offense to utility and healing. Sairaorg has managed to survive being brutally crushed by Grendel even after receiving holy fire attacks from Walburga. Sairaorg Bael is a character from Highschool DxD. In Volume 10, they faced off against Sairaorg Bael and his peerage in a Rating Game under Dice Figure Rule and won after Issei defeated Sairaorg in a one-on-one fight. He later fought against Heracles and easily defeated him. 1. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Add Sairaorg BAEL as a favorite today! Sir Kiba, I wish to challenge you!" He maintains a heated rivalry with Ilena and is secretly in love with Lucina, a fact unknown to everyone aside from Wilhelmina. Soujirou's name and battling style are based on the character of the same name in Rurouni Kenshin. He was known as the strongest young Devil before being beaten by Issei. Sairaorg's greatest feature, his durability that greatly surpasses that of common sense. Sairaorg Bael Born as the eldest son of the Bael Clan, Sairaorg did not inherit the Bael's trademark Power of Destruction that Rias and Sirzech's inherited from their mother, who came from the Bael Clan. "Me as well." Funny, cool, or just plain weird, you'll find the socks your feet deserve. Because of this, his younger brother was the one who had been chosen to become the heir of the Bael Family. Being as talented in combat as her brother, Priscilla generally appears to be more powerful due to her greater confidence and stronger personality. Isn't that what you just told him?" Although it was an intense battle, Issei sure earned that hard-fought victory over Sairaorg. He is the oldest son of Lord Bael and the only child of his first wife Misla Bael, the older half-brother of Madgaran Bael, and the cousin of Rias Gremory and Sirzechs Lucifer. Incarnations View all 2 versions of Sairaorg Bael on BTVA. He is the oldest son of Lord Bael and the only child of his first wife Misla Bael, the older half-brother of Madgaran Bael, and the cousin of Rias Gremory and Sirzechs Lucifer. "The legs of Altobrau, my trusted steed, are also god-like. Even though she is fiery and exhibits a wild temperament which plays into her getting angry & violent when someone insults a member of her family or her peerage, Rias is kind hearted and very protective. Kiba responds. fallenangels, angels, slashdog. In Volume 11, Ophis was sent to the group by Azazel under her request. Sairaorg Bael is the next heir of the Bael Clan. Sairaorg is extremely dedicated in fulfilling his dream to create an Underworld where any Devils regardless of their background can make their dream come true as shown in his unbreakable determination in protecting Auros Academy, which is an important stepping stone to his dream, from Grendel's rampage. In Volume 3, the Student Council of Kuoh Academy showed up at the Occult Research Club, and revealed themselves as Devils, otherwise known as the peerage of Sona Sitri. Looking for information about Sairaorg Bael - Character (73848)? Initially being only attracted to the draconic taste of his blood, Wilhelmina ends up developing genuine romantic feelings for Issei. Despite being hopelessly unskilled at magecraft, Aslatiel's physical capabilities, Power of Destruction mastery and contract with the strongest Steel Attribute Spirit, Terminus Est, allow him to stand above all of his peers except for his cousin Sairaorg. Shop thousands of high quality Sairaorg shower curtains designed by independent artists. Read The Bael Peerage from the story The Black Hound by AlexCatalinStancu (Alex Catalin Stancu) with 960 reads. Apart from possessing the Sacred Gear "Hell Masker", which allows him to seal the souls of slain creatures inside inanimate objects, with the limit of one soul per object, Soujirou is a prodigy of Japanese Kenjutsu. Aslatiel's group is particularly powerful for such a young peerage, vastly outclassing the peerages of all of the Rookies Four except for Sairaorg Bael's. Into High School DXD Universe? I was already gonna make blogs for all of them in great detail but wiki are different I guess, I've always liked Sairaorg. When Sairaorg uses his Touki, his speed, power and defense increase drastically. Near the end of Volume 9, he is seen talking with Seekvaira who was complaining about Issei's new powers and that the current Satans favor him but Sairaorg, who was pleased by the event, ignored her. Register Start a Wiki. DxD storyline Due to this, he has reached levels of speed that even Yuuto Kiba, also an experienced Knight, describes as being "impossible to see", rather than the lesser "impossible to follow". Aside from her extraordinary mastery of Touki, she possesses the Sacred Gear "Premium Heart", which increases her already top-tier physical strength in accordance to emotions that incite action, such as anger, excitement and fear.