Highschool DxD : The Lost Brother Fanfiction. Momozono Momo (Highschool DxD) Bennia (Highschool DxD) Kalawarner (Highschool DxD) Verrine (Highschool DxD) Mira (Highschool DxD) Li (Highschool DxD) Gabriel (Highschool DxD) Kuroka (Highschool DxD) Isabela (Highschool DxD) Abe Kiyome; Mittelt (Highschool DxD) Jeanne (Highschool DxD) Nel (Highschool DxD) Ile (Highschool DxD) Xuelan (Highschool DxD) As a huge fan of Oppai Dragon, she has many embroideries of its designs on the back of her black cape. In any case…very well. In shin dxd 4 ise stabilised dxd in his fight against angara so there is a chance that ise can retain true dxd for more than hour if that happens this s easy battle and also belial almost lost rating game against rank 4 and ravel almost beat them in term in terms of (against joker of heaven which was strategy was by rank4) Follow/Fav Reaper. ReadNovelFull.Com Read light novel, web novel, korean novel and chinese novel online for free. Her reasons for hating him are because he does little no assist stopping the terrorist groups. He belongs to a fighting faction among the grim reapers. Aki szeretné elérni a perverzió csúcsát, annak nagyon ajánlott a rész megtekintése. 76.9k members in the HighschoolDxD community. Bennia terus … (Terlepas dari mitologi, ada banyak Dewa yang memiliki anak. #akeno #asia #devils #dxd #irina #koneko #lucifer #rias #sona #xenovia #xmalereader She lived there until she turned six when her Special Child powers awakened. Just that was a reason for her to be targeted. Having been trying to wake him for five minutes she kicked the cushions really hard "Wake up" she yelled getting frustrated. Anime/Manga High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D. High School DxD Light Novel - Character power-ups, match-ups, and ratings High School DxD [LN/M] Bennia is shown to respect Rugal for his strength and calls him "Brother Rugal", suggesting a close relationship between the two. She seems to be a good strategist too saying that Sajiwas the only one in Sona's Peerage with chances to give one good fight against Issei. She was born in London, UK, to an unnamed single mother. The futures gonna be a fun one with them around. I’ll go too!》 -- (True Volume 4). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Orcus noticed those of us who were standing around Bennia. A descendant of the original Lucifer, Y/n and his brother, Vali are sent to intercept Kokabiel when Y/n meets a rather interesting group. Yuuto mocked. LA DIOSA DEL INFINITO HIGH SCHOOL DXD origen y poderes - Duration: 4:13. Anime/Manga High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D. She can also be a bit of a prankster, such as dropping Elmenhilde Karnstein out of her magic circle several feet off of the floor or a roof. Bennia is shown to be an upbeat and outgoing young girl. My daughter has been in your care. My daughter has been in your care. He is the main protagonist of Ishibumi's work SLASH/DOG and a side-protagonist of Highschool DxD. Putriku ada di tangan kalian. - Bennia Orcus¡ Aunque no soy tan fuerte, yo también te acompañaré! It began serialization in Fujimi Shobo's Dragon Magazine in its September 2008 issue. <> Orcus then began to speak. ...My name is Bennia. <> Orcus noticed those of us who were standing around Bennia. With a smirk, Illya sucks on Reya's left breast. Follow/Fav Reaper. All spoilers regarding the first four story arcs (volumes 1-20) are unmarked. Bennia is a huge fan of The Oppai Dragon show and. After sacrificing himself to save his sister Y/n Toujou, met a group of people known as Team Blue after joining them and fighting along side his new brothers and sisters, how will his sisters Shirone and Kuroka react when they meet once more but the... #halo #highschooldxd #nekomata High School DxD (v japonském originále ハイスクールD×D, Haisukúru Dí Dí) je japonská light novel série od spisovatele Ičiei Išibumiho, kterou ilustruje Mijama-Zero.Příběh se zaměřuje na Issei Hyodoa, perverzního studenta střední školy Kuoh Academy, který se chce stát králem harému. Reporting to her boss, what had happened, ended up leading to her boss' boss coming down here himself. - Lint Selzen de las Llamas Purpuras me quedaré aquí para que no haya ningún ataque que busque huecos en nuestras defensas. luckystar, ghosts, fairytail. VIDEÓ - Cím: Melleket dédelgetni! She wears a white skull mask in conjunction with her Grim Reaper clothing which consists of a light blue dress and a black and white hood resembling a jester cap with a emerald gem at the tip. Aaron Davis (Earth-199999) (Marvel Series) Abe Brown (Earth-199999) (Marvel Series) Abigail Brand (Earth-616) (Marvel Series) Abigail Wright (Earth-TRN008) (Marvel Series) RAIZEL dzx 5,523 views. Her hair is tied in a long braid by a bow with a purple skull, reaching all the way down to her hips. Category page. The Occult Research Club (オカルト研究部 Okaruto Kenkyū-bu ) is an activity club in Kuoh Academy. Thankfully Bennia was still alive and breathing, even if she was knocked out cold. Retrieved from " https://highschooldxd.fandom. The Anime only reached Volume 8. Bennia's father. Orcus : "they didn't hurt you did they" Bennia : "no I'm fine" Sirzechs : "what is going on here" Y/n(Alpha) : "have you devils always been this stupid, strays have been kidnapping children and planed on selling them off" Y/n(Alpha) walked to Orcus. She's introduced much later in the Light Novels, Volume 14 I believe? Cross/X-Over: High School DXD And Death Note. Flight: Being a Devil, Bennia can fly using her wings. His shirt was completely unbuttoned with a bottle of Pepsi in his hand. Bagaimanapun … sangat baik. He has a sharp eye possessing bottomless divinity and limitless superiority that causes people to shiver in fear. Is providing information on the actions of Hades. "You guys are killing me!" This is a rare opportunity, so allow me to talk with you for a bit.>> She seems to be a good strategist too, such as stating that Saji was the only one in Sona's Peerage with a chance to put up a good fight against Issei. History Talk (0) Trending pages. "Thanks, asshole!" High School Death X Dragon. The amount of damage inflicted to the person's soul will be determined by that person’s strength.Â. Witaj na polskojęzycznej encyklopedii High School DxD, którą każdy może tworzyć!. After that, her life was destroyed when two demons sent to retrieve her killed her entire family. It was rare for Bennia's expression to look so serious. Examples pertaining to the fifth story arc and Shin High School D×D can be spoiler tagged if necessary. Orcus memperhatikan orang-orang yang berdiri di sekitar Bennia. She also wears black elbow length gloves covered in gold neon lines with gems at the back of her wrists. her Tongue licking and massaging Reya's tit with lustful enthusiasm. Orcus - One of the best grim reapers. He trades some of his unused pieces with Rias for Asia, Xenovia and Rossweisse, and with Lady Phenex for Ravel. Edit. Seeing his daughter there he motioned for her to come in. The second was Bennia's communication signal had been terminated. She appears to wear standard Magician robes with a hood. Bennia has the appearance of a girl with pale skin. You can find hundreds of english translated light novel, web novel, korean novel and chinese novel which are daily updated! A descendant of the original Lucifer, Y/n and his brother, Vali are sent to intercept Kokabiel when Y/n meets a rather interesting group. Lucifers Spawn (Highschool DxD x Male reader) Fanfiction. The series also won "Best Vocal Ensemble in an Anime Television Series/OVA" in 2015 for season 2. High School DxD Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 189 votes, 33 comments. I’m a big fan of yours, Boss. >> Orcus memperhatikan kami yang berdiri di sekitar Bennia. We have Battle Through The Heavens, Against the Gods, Coiling Dragon, Soul Land, Tales of Demons & Gods, Desolate Era, The King's Avatar and many more!